Artist Statement

My work can be defined as drawing, painting, batik, embroidery, textile and/or fiber art. It encompasses all of these, layering the processes together in the same way that the colors are layered, making it difficult to see where one stops and the next begins. I begin with a drawing, and then turn this into batik: a resist process which uses wax and dyes to create overlays of color and design. I then paint over each finished batik with dyes and watercolor paint and even marker. Finally, I embroider or quilt over each piece, accentuating and defining certain areas with layers of colored thread. 


The subject matter of my work is the brutalization of women, children and LGBTQ individuals throughout the world. They provide faces to those who are faceless, nameless and powerless. and comment upon the blind eye that is turned to those who are suffering. The beauty that the process brings to the images creates a tension with the savagery of the subject matter; in admiring the work, the viewer becomes almost complicit in the abuse. 


I also partner with various non-profit organizations to create exhibitions that are specific to their community. One example of this is the Project: Braddock series of paintings; in this series, in partnership with the Braddock Carnegie Library, I worked with members of the community to depict people and places that are important within that community.

I have also worked with InterAct Theater and the University of Pennsylvania in a special program with Ndumie Funda, the South African LGBTQ activist; and with area homeless shelters and the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia. 



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